Making Your Daily Diet Tooth-Healthy

Feel like you’re learning about cavities at every dental exam? It might be time to take a second look at your home habits. While scheduling regular exams is part of the battle against decay, it’s the daily brushing and flossing you do that determine whether you experience cavities or periodontal disease. And your diet is […]

What to Expect From a Free Consultation

  Maybe you’re ready to schedule a free consultation. You’d like to learn more about the treatment options on offer, have your teeth examined, and consider your restorative or cosmetic path. But if you’re like many patients, uncertainty may hold you back from following through and booking your appointment.   We want all our patients […]

Top Reasons Patients Love Dental Implants

We’re doing everything possible to get patients loving the dentist’s office. And when you learn about procedures that have many more benefits than what you’d consider standard, you gain confidence in what dentistry can accomplish. Dental implants are one such procedure. These tooth root replacements connect directly to the jaw bone. Once they integrate with […]

Invisalign Secrets: How to Sail Through Treatment

Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste and floss will help you clean your teeth on the go before replacing your aligners!   If this is your first time trying orthodontic treatment, it may feel like an intimidating prospect. But Invisalign is different from traditional brackets and wires. This treatment puts patient needs first, doing everything possible to keep […]

Healthy Teeth Start at Home – Here’s How to Treat Yours

We all want healthy teeth – but some of us have more obstacles to overcome along the way. If you’re at a risk of developing gum disease, it can be tougher to keep your gums in great shape. If you have eroded enamel and tooth sensitivity, you’ll find it trickier to avoid decay. If you […]

The Best Treatment for Receding Gums

  Gums going into hiding? If you notice your gum line on a retreat, and more and more of your teeth being exposed, it’s time to take action. Leaving your tooth roots bare puts them at a heightened risk of decay, and advanced gum recession can put your teeth in danger. Plus, you have to […]

How to Love Teeth Whitening

Trying to talk yourself into cosmetic dentistry? If you have a history of dental anxiety, it can be extremely difficult to take the first step. But whitening your teeth is worth it. With a brighter smile, you can feel more confident, make better impressions, and put your best face forward. So how do you get […]

Oral Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

  While it may not be one of the most-talked-about cancers, oral cancer bears discussion. The rise of HPV has led to an increase in oral cancer cases in recent years. If you’re hoping to prevent oral cancer, the first step might be scheduling an appointment with your dentist. Dentists are typically the first to […]

Tooth Extraction 101: What to Expect

  Shaking in your boots at the thought of an upcoming extraction? You’re not alone – most dental patients dread oral surgery. But those who approach it the right way will find the experience turns out to be a pleasant one. You’re not a slave to your dental anxiety, and learning more about what the […]

Boost Your Tooth Pain Prevention

Tired of tooth pain? We understand your frustration. Whether the cause of your discomfort is a cavity, broken dental work, or an underlying health problem, some of the same preventive measures can ward them all off. Preventing tooth pain means caring properly for your teeth at home, and following up with your dentist at regular […]