The Top Causes of Cavities in Toddlers

  Tooth decay is an oral disease that affects many children. While you may initially think that cavities in baby teeth are not a long-term issue, your child’s baby teeth are critical to maintaining a lifetime of good health. Even with regular brushing and flossing, your child’s diet can have a significant impact on their […]

Avoid These Mistakes While Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

Convincing your toddler to hold still while getting their teeth brushed is no simple task. However, teaching them the importance of excellent dental hygiene at an early age will help to keep their smile bright and healthy throughout their childhood. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children ages 2-11, so establishing a […]

Help! My Child Lost a Tooth While Playing Sports

  Sports injuries involving teeth are widespread, especially among children playing contact sports. When your child is active, any game from touch football to basketball can quickly become a contact sport, even if a parent or a coach is supervising the activity. It takes a relatively small amount of force for a child to lose […]

Is Smokeless Tobacco Just as Bad for Your Oral Health

  Smokeless tobacco does not mean that it’s harmless. Although it is not smoked and inhaled the way cigarettes or cigars are, chewing tobacco still has severe consequences for your oral health. From loose teeth to cancer, chewing tobacco can be just as bad for your oral health as traditional tobacco products.   What is […]

So Many Patients Overlook This Simple Solution For Jaw Pain

  Determining whether you are experiencing jaw pain or not is easy. However, what many people are unaware of is that solving your jaw pain with the right tools can also be as simple as knowing you have it. Jaw pain is not a regular part of life, and it can often be solved by […]

Transforming Your Smile With the Power of Porcelain Veneers

  Going through life with teeth that make you feel self-conscious in social situations is no way to live your life. If your teeth are chipped, stained, or simply unattractive, porcelain dental veneers are the best way to reshape your teeth and give you the confidence you deserve every time you smile.   The benefits […]

Why You Should Start Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth Early

  Watching your baby develop through milestones is quite an exciting time. Watching them drool endlessly and chew on everything within reach will all be worth it as those pearly little white teeth begin to emerge.   But now what?   When To Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth Tooth brushing can begin as soon as your […]

Know Your Oral Health Risks During Pregnancy

  Contrary to popular belief, seeing your dentist for teeth cleanings and exams while pregnant is perfectly safe, and actually encouraged! Ensuring your oral health during pregnancy is a great way to make sure both you and your baby are completely healthy from the inside out.   Is It Safe To Get My Teeth Cleaned […]

Recognizing Hidden Sugar in Your Diet

  You rarely eat candy or cakes, and you reach for water over a can of soda, so you probably feel like you have this whole healthy eating thing under control. But what about the hidden sugars that hide behind the “healthy” labeling?   Read on to learn how to spot the drinks, sauces, and […]

Sudden Bad Breath? Here’s What to Do

  Feel like no matter how well you brush, bad breath keeps creeping up on you? If you’re experiencing constant bad breath, it’s probably for a reason so determining what is causing your bad breath is the secret to beating it once and for all.   What is the cause behind your bad breath situation? […]