How to Love Teeth Whitening

Trying to talk yourself into cosmetic dentistry? If you have a history of dental anxiety, it can be extremely difficult to take the first step. But whitening your teeth is worth it. With a brighter smile, you can feel more confident, make better impressions, and put your best face forward. So how do you get […]

Oral Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

  While it may not be one of the most-talked-about cancers, oral cancer bears discussion. The rise of HPV has led to an increase in oral cancer cases in recent years. If you’re hoping to prevent oral cancer, the first step might be scheduling an appointment with your dentist. Dentists are typically the first to […]

Tooth Extraction 101: What to Expect

  Shaking in your boots at the thought of an upcoming extraction? You’re not alone – most dental patients dread oral surgery. But those who approach it the right way will find the experience turns out to be a pleasant one. You’re not a slave to your dental anxiety, and learning more about what the […]

Boost Your Tooth Pain Prevention

Tired of tooth pain? We understand your frustration. Whether the cause of your discomfort is a cavity, broken dental work, or an underlying health problem, some of the same preventive measures can ward them all off. Preventing tooth pain means caring properly for your teeth at home, and following up with your dentist at regular […]

Real-Life Benefits of Whiter Teeth

  You know that white teeth look great – but what are the underlying associations that make us find them so enviable? Unpacking some of our human instincts relating to appearance and perceived personality traits takes a lot of work. But studies of bright smiles and personal responses to such tell us a great deal […]

Are You Ignoring Bad Breath?

Do you know what your own breath smells like? That’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. It’s hard to be objective about your own body – which is why seeing a dentist every 6 months is so important. While bad breath might not seem like a serious problem, it can be a symptom of a […]

Early Warning Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Feeling something uncomfortable at the back of your mouth? Oral pain has such a wide variety of causes that we definitely can’t give you the answer in a blog post – you’ll need to see your dentist to get to the root of the problem. But if you have wisdom teeth, you have a clue […]

The Harmful Dental Anxiety Cycle

Did you know that dental anxiety can actually worsen your dental health? It comes down to a reluctance to visit the office. Patients with intense anxiety put off dental exams, sometimes for years at a time. In that period, problems like cavities and gum disease are able to take hold of teeth. Decay grows, moving […]

Getting Your Kids’ Teeth Ready for the School Year

You’ve got folders, new notebooks, and freshly sharpened pencils – and the 2016-2017 school year is just around the corner. But while you may be all stocked up on school supplies, are you as prepared for what might be coming for your kids’ teeth? The school year is an incredibly hectic time, and oral health […]

Avoid Dental Emergencies With These Preventive Tips

Didn’t schedule time in your summer for a dental emergency? That’s ok – nobody does. An emergency is typically unexpected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan around it in a slightly different way. Taking steps ahead of time to lower your risk and protect your teeth will make it possible to skip some common […]