Want a Whiter Smile? Start at Home

Want free whitening? Rinse with water after drinking cola, red wine, or other dark beverages Teeth looking lackluster? Something as simple as a lighter shade could transform your smile. If you choose to whiten in-office, you’ll see a brighter grin within just an hour. But that’s not necessarily what every patient is looking for. Professional […]

Is It Time for Your Next Dental Exam?

Even if your teeth are looking good, they could be hiding growing problems Are you slacking on your dental schedule? It can be tough to answer this question for a few reasons: 1. You can’t remember when your last exam actually was (which probably means it’s time to check in, 2. You’re not sure how […]

Your Root Canal – What to Expect

Are you unbelievably anxious about an upcoming root canal? That’s only natural – if this is your first time going through endodontic treatment, you have no idea what to expect. Our job is to take the uncertainty out of the process. By learning a little more about the procedure, you’ll feel far more prepared and […]

What Worn Teeth Say About You

Are your teeth starting to look lackluster? The passing years have effects that just aren’t conducive to a beautiful smile. While certain aging factors are impossible to avoid, they’re very manageable with dental treatment. Worn teeth are one of the most common changes that take place as we age. Keep reading to learn why worn […]

Fight Tooth Erosion, and Restore The Damage

Is your smile looking unfamiliar? The effects of time leave traces across our bodies, and our teeth aren’t immune to aging (even though they’re a little tougher than our skin). If you’ve been grinding your teeth throughout your life, you’re probably noticing your enamel looking less full, or your smile looking smaller than you’d life. […]

Affordable Teeth Whitening – Simpler than You Think

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re all getting a little anxious about putting forth our best faces for the parties, pictures, and family get-togethers. And we all know that we lead our interactions with a smile. Your teeth are absolutely crucial to making great impressions, but sometimes they’re not up to the task. Good […]

Helping Your Porcelain Veneers Really Last

You love your new porcelain veneers, and you want them to last as long as possible. What’s the key to long-term life for porcelain restorations? While there are specific ways you can improve your veneers’ chances of success, the overall guideline is to treat them with respect. Read on for more tips on smart restoration […]

What Happens at a Dental Consultation?

  Maybe you’re ready to schedule a free consultation. You’d like to learn more about the treatment options on offer, have your teeth examined, and consider your restorative or cosmetic path. But if you’re like many patients, uncertainty may hold you back from following through and booking your appointment.   We want all our patients […]

Can Replacement Teeth Last Forever?

Tooth enamel might not be completely indestructible, but it’s plenty impressive in its own right. Think about a time when you cracked or chipped a tooth. The enamel broke away in the area injured, but the rest of your tooth remained intact. With how hard enamel is (it’s actually the toughest substance in the human […]

Tooth Extraction FAQ

Terrified of the forceps? Learning more about your extraction will settle your nerves. No matter the reason for your tooth extraction, we understand if you’re experiencing anxiety. One way to ease your nerves is to learn more about exactly what you can expect from the process – from the procedure to your healing period. Below, […]