How Hi-Tech Dentistry Boosts Treatment

Dentistry is constantly evolving as a field, with an ongoing focus on improving patient comfort. Your needs as a dental patient are the most important aspect of your time in our office. Tompkins Dental embraces contemporary technology to provide patients with the most pleasant possible experiences in the dental chair. Between CT scans for dental […]

Scary Side Effects of Gum Disease

You’ve heard about what happens to your gums when plaque is allowed to build up. Your gums become tender and puffy, the gum tissue starts to pull away from the teeth, and the area becomes infected. With a deep cleaning, the problem can usually be resolved. But the problems stemming from gum disease can just […]

When “Healthy” Food Harms Teeth

If you’re on a diet, you’re spending a huge part of every day thinking about what you eat. But are your priorities where they should be? Many diets and restrictive eating habits can lead to damaged, decayed, or worn teeth. We want you to be able to pursue a healthier body without seeing the effects […]

Does Teeth Whitening Actually Make a Difference?

Confused by the whole teeth whitening craze? As the simplest cosmetic dental treatment available, teeth whitening has gotten its fair share of attention. And the versatility of treatment make it a prime candidate for home use, boosting the number of home whitening kits on the market. If you’ve never tried whitening yourself, but have spent years […]

How Stress is Sapping Your Oral Health

Been feeling a little anxious lately? Find yourself biting your nails, or fidgeting during the day? Struggling to fall asleep at night, with the day’s events and responsibilities filling your mind?   You’re not alone. We, as adults, as a nation, and even as a planet are pretty stressed out. And stress is inextricably tied […]

Is It Time for Periodontal Treatment?

While we see you in the office every six months (at least, that’s how often we should see you!), that’s not always enough. Problems can creep up in the time between your appointments. Gum disease is an especially nasty offender. The first stage of disease, called gingivitis, often presents without clear symptoms. So how do […]

5 Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

If you’re missing a tooth, know that you’re not limited. Rather, not limited in the way that you replace that tooth – the fact that it’s missing has a definite limiting effect on your daily life. But it’s time to regain the full function and confidence that come along with a healthy, whole smile. With […]

Fix Chipped Teeth Without Waiting

Most of us have had the terrible feeling of passing tongue over tooth, and suddenly realizing that tooth was missing something. Whether dental work chipped or natural enamel gave way, the common reaction is to seek immediate treatment. Repairing a chipped tooth doesn’t necessarily require complex treatment or waiting time. In fact, with dental bonding, […]

Why Your Dental Health is More Important Than You Think

We’re constantly begging you to brush, floss, and maintain a tooth-friendly diet. While some patients are happy to engage with their oral health, others find the frequent cleaning and low-sugar considerations frustrating. Just why are your teeth so important? Why do they demand such deliberate care?   Your oral health isn’t just about a beautiful […]

Entering the World of Cosmetic Dentistry

How do you feel when you catch a glimpse of your smile? Does seeing it in the mirror or a photograph make you cringe? Your teeth shouldn’t act as a drain on your life. Rather, a beautiful smile should act as a confident asset, enhancing your social and professional lives and helping you feel great […]