Ithaca Teeth ImplantsReady to upgrade your dental restorations? Then it’s time to rebuild structure below the gum line. Most restorations recreate crowns, the visible portions of your smile. In a natural tooth, a crown is attached to and supported by a toot root. When you lose a tooth, you also lose that root. Replace tooth roots with dental implants to provide your restorations with a new level of security. Implants will also heighten your bone strength and oral health.

Ithaca dental implants

Dental Implants from Dr. Raminder Singh

A dental implant is made of titanium, and looks like a screw. It is placed in the jawbone, where it osseointegrates (fuses with the natural tissue surrounding it). After a healing period, the implant will be ready for an abutment, a connector that links implants and restorations. Once in place, your implant will successfully pair with crowns, bridges, partials, or dentures.

Dental Implant CandidacyIthaca dental implant

Certain aspects of your health must qualify for dental implant placement. Dr. Singh will help you reach the necessary level of health with preparatory treatments. In order to receive dental implants, patients must possess adequate

  • Bone density – In order for implants to successfully integrate with your bone, there must be enough bone remaining at the site. If your bone requires enhancement, a bone graft will augment the area.
  • Oral health – Your teeth must be cavity-free and your gums clear of periodontal disease. Dr. Singh will offer fillings or periodontal treatment to get you to the right place.
  • General health – The implant placement is surgical, and we need to ensure that your level of general health will see you through the procedure and allow for proper healing.

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