Ithaca PartialsIs your smile missing something? Whether you’ve recently lost teeth, or have been putting up with holes in your smile for years, it’s time to take a restorative step. Replacing missing teeth will boost your oral health, appearance, and confidence. By choosing to wear dentures or partials, you will improve your daily life. Both dentures and partial dentures will help ease your activities and complement your interactions. Most importantly, they’ll help you feel like yourself again.

Discover Modern Dentures

Ithaca denturesTooth replacements shouldn’t be a burden. Dentures of the past were often ill-fitting and clunky. Today’s restorations offer a new kind of experience. Modern dentures are fitted and fabricated with precision techniques and natural-looking materials. Once you become accustomed to wearing your dentures, they will feel and seem like natural teeth.

Partial Dentures

Missing a span of teeth? If a bridge won’t adequately replace them, partial dentures could be the right restorative choice. Partials attach to remaining teeth to gain support and remain in place. Your partial dentures will blend with your natural teeth to refurbish your smile. Filling that span will also prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and changing your bite.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Even with their impressive advances, dentures still benefit from improved foundations. Standard dentures can require the use of adhesive to remain in place. When supported by dental implants, dentures take on a new level of stability. Implants are placed in the jawbone, where they integrate with natural tissues. Over time, these implants come to act as secure anchors for accompanying restorations. Your dentures may be attached to your implants for heightened security and improved function.

Interested in learning more about dentures or dental implants? Visit our dental implants page for additional information, and call Tompkins Dental to schedule a consultation. We will soon have your smile rebuilt and your confidence renewed.

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