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General Dentistry

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General Dentistry & Implant Dentistry located in Located in the Cayuga Mall, Ithaca, NY

When you’re looking for a general dentistry provider, it’s important to find an expert who offers truly comprehensive care. That’s one of the reasons that Raminder Singh, DDS, at Tompkins Dental in the Cayuga Mall is such a popular dentist in the Ithaca, New York, area. He offers preventive dentistry, cleanings, checkups, periodontal deep cleanings, and much more. Use the online scheduler or call the office to get all of your dental needs taken care of in one convenient place.

General Dentistry Q & A

How often should I see the dentist?

Preventive dentistry care is an integral part of both your oral and general health. One of the most important aspects of preventive dentistry care is regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings. 

Both children and adults should follow a checkup and teeth cleaning schedule determined by their dentist. Dentistry isn’t one-size-fits-all, so Dr. Singh determines an ideal checkup schedule for you based on your current needs and health history. In general, Dr. Singh recommends checkups and cleanings every six months for healthy patients. 

If you have periodontal disease, other chronic dental problems, or you suffer from a condition that puts you at risk for oral disease, you could need more frequent visits. For example, if you suffer from periodontal disease, you might need a periodontal deep cleaning, a more extensive dental cleaning that includes cleaning both above and below the gums, several times a year.

Do I need oral cancer screening during my checkups?

It depends on your risk factors. Dr. Singh considers your oral cancer risk level and then recommends an oral cancer screening frequency for you. Some common oral cancer risk factors include smoking, poor oral hygiene, age over 45, and a weak immune system. 


Tompkins Dental has the VELscope Vx®, an advanced oral assessment system that reveals abnormal cells at risk for becoming cancerous. With early identification, you can take action and avoid oral cancer.

Are X-rays at the dentist safe?

X-rays are safer than ever and Tompkins Dental has today’s most advanced digital X-ray technology. With digital X-rays, you’re exposed to 80-90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. Dr. Singh uses these X-rays to look for problems like cavities that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. 

Additionally, Tompkins Dental has a dental cone beam CT machine onsite for more advanced X-rays. A CT scan is an X-ray that gives you only 20 seconds of radiation exposure. A CT scan produces a 3D model of your entire mouth, including your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and support bone. 

Although a CT scan uses more radiation than a digital X-ray, it’s still safe and effective. A CT scan is often crucial for advanced diagnostics, dental implant planning, and other advanced dentistry needs. 

Dr. Singh and the Tompkins Dental team are here to help with all your general dentistry needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out online or by phone now.

Preventive Care

Preventative care is the cornerstone of good dentistry, which is why Raminder Singh, DDS, and the team at Tompkins Dental in the Cayuga Mall in Ithaca, New York, equips patients with all of the necessary tools to keep their smiles in a constant state of optimal health. To learn more, schedule a consultation or a routine dental cleaning by calling the office or booking a visit online today. 

What is preventative care?

Preventative care is a treatment philosophy that aims to prevent health problems from developing in the first place, rather than fixing conditions after they arise.

In dentistry, preventative care involves emphasizing the oral hygiene you practice at home and maintaining regular appointments with your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings. In order to keep your teeth healthy at home, you should brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and maintain a healthy diet. 

Even if you practice exceptional at-home care, you still need to have regular cleanings and exams with Tompkins Dental. There might be trouble areas in your smile that only your dentist can get properly cleaned, and having regular exams can ensure that any problems that do arise in your oral health are dealt with sooner rather than later, when treatment is easier and more effective. 

Regular dental exams are also one of the best ways to make sure your gums stay healthy. Periodontal disease is known to develop silently, meaning many patients don’t realize that they have the disease until it’s already progressed into its later stages. The team at Tompkins Dental can spot signs of gum disease in its earliest stages when it’s much easier to treat and reverse.

What happens during a routine dental exam?

Your dental exam typically consists of:

Visual exam

Your dentist or hygienist carefully looks at your teeth, gums, and oral tissues for any signs of dental problems that might pose a threat to your oral health.

Diagnostic X-rays

Depending on how long it’s been since your last appointment and the health of your smile, your dentist might take X-rays of your mouth in order to get a better look at suspicious areas. X-rays are incredibly useful in diagnosing problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye, like cavities between teeth or within cracks or fissures.

Teeth cleaning

Your hygienist uses special tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth that you might not be able to get with at-home brushing and flossing. This is instrumental in protecting you from gum disease and cavities. Your hygienist ends your cleaning with a professional polishing that makes your smile truly shine.

How often do I need an exam and cleaning?

Most patients need to have an exam and cleaning twice a year, but that frequency can sometimes vary depending on your dental history and daily habits. If you have gum disease, for example, you might need to have more frequent cleanings. Tompkins Dental can work with you to determine a schedule that is best for your particular dental needs. 

Keep your smile healthy today and schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking a visit online.