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Root Canals Specialist

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When you have a serious infection inside your tooth, the only way to save it is with a root canal, a procedure that removes the damaged tissue and restores your tooth. With a root canal, you can avoid tooth extraction and dental implants or other permanent tooth replacements. You can rely on skilled dentist Raminder Singh, DDS, at Tompkins Dental in the Cayuga Mall in Ithaca, New York, for gentle root canals and great experiences. Book an appointment by phone or online now.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a type of dental therapy in which Dr. Singh removes the infected pulp from inside your tooth. When you have an infection inside your tooth, it can be intensely painful. It’s important to get treatment before the damage is so advanced that you need a tooth extraction and replacement with dental implants or crowns and bridges. 

After Dr. Singh removes the damaged part of your tooth, he rebuilds it so you can use it again normally.

What are the signs I need a root canal?

When you have infected pulp in your tooth, the symptoms are often quite obvious. Some of the main symptoms are:

  • Pain when biting down
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Tooth darkening
  • Swelling of the surrounding gums
  • Temperature sensitivity

In many cases, you won’t ever have to deal with these symptoms because Dr. Singh frequently diagnoses tooth infections in their early stages during general dentistry checkups. This allows you to get prompt treatment before you have to suffer. 

How does a root canal work?

In a root canal, Dr. Singh drills a small hole in the side of the tooth facing your tongue. He extracts the infected pulp through this opening, cleans the area, and then performs an X-ray to make sure the infection is gone. 

Then, Dr. Singh fills your tooth with dental cement to strengthen it, and finally seals the hole. In some cases, you’ll need a crown to further reinforce your tooth after a root canal. 

Does a root canal hurt?

Root canal pain is wildly exaggerated, to the point of myth. In fact, a root canal is very much like getting an ordinary filling. Dr. Singh always ensures your comfort through local anesthesia and IV conscious sedation if you need it. 

Many patients are quite surprised to learn that everything they thought they knew about root canals is untrue. In reality, a root canal is a very safe procedure, especially when you have a highly experienced dental specialist like Dr. Singh performing the treatment. You won’t suffer, and, in fact, the whole point of a root canal is to prevent your suffering.

Ready to end your tooth pain now? A root canal at Tompkins Dental might be just what the dentist ordered. Call the office or book your appointment online today.