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10 Healthy Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

The best advice for setting New Year’s resolutions is to be realistic. Setting yourself up for failure from the start isn’t the best way to start the year. If you’re in search of some resolution inspiration, Tompkins Dental is here to help! These ten healthy resolutions are both realistic and easy to keep! 


Stop Putting Off Treatments Recommended By Your Dentist 

The start of a new year is the ideal time to complete any restorative dental work that you have been putting off. Crowns, implants, fillings, and root canals can all help to preserve the structure of your smile and your oral health. Any dental insurance benefits also renew at the start of a new year, making it a great time to take advantage of additional coverage. 


Quit Tobacco Products

It’s no secret that cigarettes and other tobacco products are incredibly harmful to your health. There is no better time than the beginning of a new calendar year to quit smoking once and for all. Your teeth, gums, overall health, and loved ones will all be grateful for the commitment you make to quitting tobacco habits.


Cut Back on Alcohol

While there are proven health benefits to consuming a small amount of alcohol, indulging too much can lead to more significant problems. Drinking alcohol in excess affects the brain’s neurotransmitters and can increase the risk of depression, memory loss, and even seizures. Additionally, many alcoholic beverages are filled with sugars that can cause damage to your oral health. 


Drink More Water

Staying hydrated and drinking more water has a variety of healthful benefits, including keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Water contains fluoride, and this material protects your teeth from erosion. It also cleans acid and sugar off of your teeth with every sip you take. Set a goal to replace other drinks like soda, coffee, and sports drinks with water and watch your body reap the benefits from this simple swap.


Make Tooth-Friendly Foods a Priority 

The foods you choose and how often you eat them can quickly affect your overall health and the state of your teeth and gums, too. Consuming too many sugar-filled sweets and foods that lack nutritional value puts your smile at risk for tooth decay. Making healthier food and beverage choices, especially when it comes to snacks, is an essential part of achieving your dental and overall health resolutions. By learning which foods are high in sugar and which foods are best for you can enable you to swap out the bad for the good and make better choices. 


Start Flossing Daily 

For one reason or another, flossing is a difficult habit to stick with for many. Flossing takes just a few minutes and only needs to be done once a day. Every time you floss, you are removing food particles and harmful bacteria that would otherwise be resting on the surfaces of your teeth. If you have been an inconsistent flosser in years past, the new year is an excellent time to re-commit to flossing.


Get a New Look 

A smile makeover is the perfect way to get a new look. Improving the appearance of your teeth through cosmetic dentistry procedures will allow you to improve your oral health while also getting the smile of your dreams in the process. Dental veneers, bonding, tooth implants, and in-office teeth whitening treatments can all be customized entirely to correct minor imperfections, and most can be performed in one appointment!


Reduce Your Stress

If stress is chronic, it can quickly increase your risk of developing insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease, and more. Stress is one of the most common underlying issues when it comes to patients grinding their teeth in their sleep too. While stress is an inevitable part of life, attempting to relax your mind and your body is essential to maintaining a healthy balance in life. 


Don’t Let Your Dental Insurance Go To Waste 

Take advantage of the dental insurance benefits that you are paying for each payday. Routine dental cleanings are typically covered under most dental insurance plans, in addition to other preventative care. By removing plaque and tartar buildup that brushing and flossing at home cannot fully eliminate, your oral health will be improved.


See Your Dentist Twice This Year 

Dental exams are essential to your oral health. Your dentist is able to detect any minor issues, such as small cavities that are just starting, before they worsen and become painful and expensive dental restoration treatments. Make it a goal to see Tompkins Dental twice this year for your semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!


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