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6 Exercises To Do While Brushing Your Teeth

On average, each person spends 38 days standing in the bathroom, brushing their teeth throughout their lifetime. The American Dental Association recommends adults brush for at least two minutes or more per session, making it the perfect time to multitask with some quick and easy exercises. 

There are several toning moves you can do while brushing your teeth that take minimal effort, but these six are our favorite ways to strengthen both your muscles and your teeth at the same time. 


Lunges are one of the best exercises for toning your entire lower body, making it the perfect fitness move to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine. Tight of stiff muscles that are a result of poor or restless sleep can be stretched adequately by lunging. 

Proper Form: Start by slowly stepping forward with one foot and bend your leg at a 90-degree angle. The thigh should be parallel to the ground, and your knee is positioned right above your ankle. Don't let the knee go past your toes. Hold in the lunge position for 30 seconds to one minute and repeat the move on the other leg. 


Squats are a great way to improve the strength of your lower body. This type of exercise is extremely beneficial for enhancing and increasing circulation, increasing strength in the knee joints, and activating and strengthening the core muscles. The legs and butt will be quickly toned by adding in this new move. 

Proper Form: Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes facing forward. Keep your head and chest upward while slowly transferring your weight to your heels as you start to bend at the knees. Sit back while not allowing your knees to extend past your toes. Hold in the down position for 5 seconds before moving into a standing position, squeezing the butt as you rise. 

Standing Calf Raises 

This simple move can be done anywhere and with ease. Much like squats and lunges, calf raises utilize your body's own weight to strengthen and stretch the muscles. In addition to strengthening the lower leg, calf raises also improve ankle strength and your overall balance. 

Proper Form: Start by keeping your abdominals pulled in, and the balls of your feet firmly pressed into the floor. Shift your weight to the balls of your feet so that you are standing on your tiptoes, and your heels lifted a few inches above the ground. Hold the pose for several seconds and then lower back down. Ensure you are pressing evenly throughout the balls of your feet while stretching the calves. 

Wall Sit

Excellent for your quads, wall sits are a simple exercise that is easy to do while holding your toothbrush. As a bonus, brushing your teeth while doing this move will distract you from any potential burning you may feel in your thighs while performing the movement. 

Proper Form: Standing against the bathroom wall with your feet about two feet away from it, slowly slide your back down the wall until your knees bend at a 90-degree angle. Stay in this position for the full two minutes while brushing your teeth. 

Healthy Habits Promote a Healthy Life 

These simple moves are a great first step in improving your overall health. While these exercises aren't a total replacement for working out in a gym or walking, they will help to build up muscle. As a bonus, other healthy choices will surely follow. 

Professional dental cleanings and exams are an essential piece in maintaining your overall health. After all, poor dental health has been directly linked to heart disease and diabetes, so keep your entire body as healthy as possible by eating right, exercising, and scheduling routine appointments with Tompkins Dental. 

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