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Fall Foods That are Great for Your Teeth

Woman with a healthy bright smile enjoying pumpkin soup.

As the seasons change, our palates naturally gravitate toward warm and comforting foods. Interestingly, many of the seasonal foods we associate with fall not only satisfy our taste buds but are fantastic for our dental health.

Healthy Fall Food List

While sipping on that pumpkin latte, why not learn about the fall foods that can make our smiles even brighter?


Pumpkin is synonymous with fall. But beyond being a doorstep decoration or the star ingredient in Thanksgiving pies, pumpkins are secretly great for our dental health.

Pumpkins have loads of vitamin A, which is beneficial for the health of our gums and teeth enamel. And, if you want a brighter and tougher smile, the magnesium in pumpkins teams up with calcium to strengthen enamel.

Try some homemade pumpkin soup seasoned with cinnamon for a warm, tooth-friendly meal.

Pumpkin Seeds

Let's not forget about the seeds when carving those pumpkins! These little seeds have zinc, which is like a superhero for our teeth and gums, helping to fight tooth decay and gum diseases. Munching on seeds also increases saliva, a natural way your body rinses teeth clean.

Roast seeds with a pinch of sea salt and olive oil for a crunchy snack.


Is there anything more "fall" than apple picking? And here's a fun fact: When you bite into a juicy apple, it's actually good for your teeth. The crunch and high water content of apples get rid of food particles and increase saliva production. Plus, apples come with fibers that gently clean our teeth.

Enjoying a whole apple is simple and easy. You can also add sliced apples to a salad or dip in almond butter for a rich, filling treat.


Nuts are a hearty, earthy, and flavorful comfort food. Plus, they are filled with phosphorus and calcium, which are building blocks for strong teeth, helping to repair and strengthen them.

Add walnuts, almonds, or cashews to a salad, or just grab a handful of mixed nuts for a convenient on-the-go snack.


Cranberries are beautiful, tasty, and in season. These tangy treats are a staple in fall dishes. Cranberries are high in vitamin C, meaning they fight inflammation and have a natural ability to keep bacteria from getting too attached to our teeth.

Try your hand at homemade cranberry sauce, reducing the sugar you might find in store-bought options. Use as a spread on whole grain toast or a meat glaze.


Kale might be trendy, but it's also a classic fall veggie. And while it can be found throughout the year, fall is peak season for kale. Kale brings vitamins A, C, and K to your plate, which are beneficial for healthy teeth and gums. And you should know that dairy is not the only source of calcium around; this leafy green is also an excellent source!

Toss a kale Caesar salad or simply sauté with garlic for a delicious side dish.


Cheeseboards on a chilly evening? Yes, please! Cheese can tackle acids that contribute to dental erosion. Cheese is also packed with calcium and proteins that bolster our tooth enamel.

A charcuterie board is always a big hit at a party, but you can also pair cheese with other fall foods from our list, such as apples, cranberries, and nuts.

Embracing the Season

Integrating fall foods into your diet can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you indulge in the flavors of the season, but you'll also be taking steps to benefit the health of your teeth. Make the most of this wonderful time of year by giving your teeth the best nature has to offer.

Remember, while these foods are beneficial, it's essential to maintain healthy overall diet and continue with regular dental check-ups. Reach out to our office to schedule your next appointment, and make sure your smile is as healthy as it can be heading into the next season.


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