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Real-Life Benefits of Whiter Teeth

You know that white teeth look great – but what are the underlying associations that make us find them so enviable? Unpacking some of our human instincts relating to appearance and perceived personality traits takes a lot of work. But studies of bright smiles and personal responses to such tell us a great deal about why something as simple as white teeth can lead to significant changes to an individual’s life.

If you’ve been considering teeth whitening, learn more about what research has shown to understand why this decision could be so beneficial. Read on for some cases of real-life smile perception, and get in touch to learn more about what whitening could do for you.

The Smile Study: How Whiter Teeth Impact Impressions

The study in question simulated two different situations in which first impressions are crucial, and also submitted applications to a thorough survey. The first situation was a job interview, and the second a first date. Taking this route, the study was able to evaluate performance in two of the most important realms of personal success: profession and relationships.

In the job interview portion, the majority of the participants were found to be more likely to be hired and also to receive larger initial salary offers after they had whitened their teeth (58% and 53%, respectively). This speaks to both the perception of a whiter smile and the confidence we gain after whitening, which informs our words and actions. In fact, when surveyed, the evaluators also said that the participants were more professional and more confident in the interview environment.

In the first date portion, those evaluating participants were also more interested in continuing the interaction after the subjects had whitened their teeth. The evaluators found the participants more outgoing during the “date,” bolstered by their new grins.

A white smile has two immediate impacts – one on those who view it, and one on the owner of the smile. Smile psychologist Dr. Dacher Keltner states that a smile is visible from 200 feet, and is “a sign of our warmth, confidence, and health.” The third part of the study delved into specific attributes seen in those with whiter teeth, and the findings crossed lines of gender, age, income, education, employment, and other significant factors. The same conclusion was reached each time in deciding that those with white teeth had “more positive attributes” than those with yellow or stained teeth. Those surveyed also indicated that they felt appearance was an indication of:

…all based on the simple power of appearances.

Why a Whiter Smile Boosts Happiness

There’s another reason why white teeth change lives. When you’re proud of your teeth, you’re more likely to show them off. And when you’re smiling, you’re actually creating your own happiness. Studies using Botox have found that those who can’t use their frown muscles feel happier. Making a positive emotional face actually influences your feelings, in the best kind of feedback loop.

Those who don’t like their teeth are less likely to smile, and to be concerned with keeping their mouths closed. This not only robs them of that smile feedback we just mentioned, but prevents those around them from seeing their teeth and forming good impressions. While appearances aren’t everything, they do dictate a surprising amount of how we feel about one another. And with something as simple and affordable as teeth whitening at our disposal, it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular cosmetic dental procedure.

If you’re hoping to brighten your teeth, don’t hesitate any longer. We can help you gain the smile you deserve – get in touch today.

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