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4 Ways to Make Over Your Smile is 2023

Woman with bright white smile celebrating the new year.

Are you considering a new smile in the new year? Making a resolution to invest in a smile makeover improves the look of your teeth and can lead to better function and more confidence.

There are innumerable ways to improve your teeth, so it is important to talk to an experienced dentist about your cosmetic treatment options. Your dentist can help create a comprehensive and customized plan to get the smile improvements you’ve always wanted.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening can make a big difference in the look of your smile. Professional methods are more effective than DIY options. They are even more gentle on your teeth. And, you have options. For the most dramatic effect, a 45-minute in-office treatment is the best choice. But did you know your dentist has professional-grade take-home whitening treatments too? And like in-office treatment, these systems blow away the over-the-counter varieties.   


If you have gaps between your teeth, overlapping teeth, or general misalignment, you may be considering ways to straighten your teeth. But many people are not interested in tolerating braces for a long period. If you work in a professional setting or are otherwise self-conscious about wearing braces, there are other options to improve your alignment.

Invisalign can be the answer. Nearly invisible clear aligners move your teeth into place without being obvious. The added benefit of choosing Invisalign is that no foods are off-limits since you take them out to eat. Invisalign treatment can drastically improve the look of your smile. And this treatment has come a long way in recent years. Aligners are able to treat even more difficult cases of misalignment than ever before.


Many patients think that veneers just make teeth look whiter, but the cutting-edge technology of veneers have a long list of benefits that may surprise you.

First, modern veneers are incredibly thin, meaning they are much more natural looking than older varieties. In addition, veneers can actually fill gaps and correct minor misalignment issues. If teeth are different lengths or shapes, or if they have cracks or chips, veneers can fix them. Veneers even address teeth that are disproportionately small.

And remember, you do not have to treat every tooth in your mouth to gain a complete smile makeover with veneers. Typically, veneers will only need to be placed on the visible front teeth to make a dramatic change.

Dental Implants

Depending on your needs, dental implants may be a tool to help makeover your smile. Single implants, which look just like natural teeth, can be used to replace a missing or damaged tooth in its entirety. Because the implant is secured into the jaw, it is permanent and helps preserve the structure of your bone.

But what about a total smile makeover? If you need a complete set of new teeth and dentures are not for you, consider All-on-4 dental implants. This nifty innovation in dental technology gives you a beautiful, complete set of dentures that are secured with 4-6 implants, making them comfortable, secure, and permanent.

Considering a Smile Makeover?

There are so many ways to improve the way your teeth look. These are just a few of the options available. If cost is a consideration, some treatments may be covered, at least in part, by insurance, and financing is available.

Don’t wait to make the change you want for your teeth. Resolve to get a better smile in the new year by making an appointment to discuss your options today!

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